MG Engineering has 4 separate Work Shop Bays. Workshop 1 and 2 are suited for all types of fabrication with extra high hook and door clearances allowing us to fabricate and assemble large/oversize steel sections or modules. Workshop Area 3 caters as a machine shop containing a large brake press, large plate rolls, sectional rolling, guillotine and winch for slipway. Workshop 4 is utilised as a storage facility. Utilising our unique Slipway, MG Engineering has the capacity to build and transport Oversize Modules/ Steel Sections, typically catering for projects more than 40 meters in length, 16 meters in width and 400 tonnes in weight.


Site Area
12,000 sq meters.

Administration & Production Office
210 sq meters.

Total Undercover Workshop Area
3,180 sq meters.

Workshop Area 1
(Fabrication) 1067 sq meters serviced by two 5 tonne overhead cranes with 8.5 meters of clearance under the hooks.

Workshop Area 2
(Fabrication) 1132 sq meters serviced by two 10 tonne overhead cranes with 11 meters of clearance under the hooks.

Workshop Area 3
(Plate Forming & Fabrication) 764 sq meters serviced by two 5 tonne overhead cranes, 6 metres under the hook.

Workshop Area 4
217 sq meters workshop and storage area.

Quality Management System
ISO9001: 2015

Slip Capacity
400 Tonnes

Plant & Equipment

  • Onsite forklifts up to 16T
  • 4x 5 tonne Overhead Cranes.
  • 2x 10 tonne Overhead Cranes.
  • 3000m Guillotine
  • 600T Brake Press
  • 3100mm plate roller capable of 50mm plate.
  • Plate Notcher & Bevelling plant
  • Sub-Merged Arc Welding Machine
  • Semi-Auto Bandsaw capable of cutting 610UC and ability for mitre cuts
  • Welding equipment and personnel to complete TIG, MIG, FCAW, SAW, MMAW, for ship repairing to DNVGL, LR, AS, ASME, etc.
  • Boomlift 46ft & 51ft available on site & hire.
  • Site ready vehicles & trailers for remote site fabrication, repairs and welding.
  • 4x 12x3m Modular Barges with a deck capacity of 2T/m2 which assembles together to provide a working platform space of 144m2 to be utlised on projects or hire.