HEAVY & General Fabrication

MG Engineering has been involved in numerous significant South Austlraian construction projects. Supporting various industries and resources by utilising our broad range of expertise to successfully complete various fabrication and construction projects.


Providing services such as structural steel & pressure pipe fabrication and installation. Other services include in-house plate forming to construct various chutes, buckets and tanks,


MG Engineering a registered and certifed SCA (Steelwork Compliance Australia) member. Certified to CC2 (Construction Catagory 2), currently in the process of obtaining CC3.

Experience in fabrication and delivery of a broad range of structural steel projects. Utilising of a range of standard, international and exotic materials as well as coded welders to complete projects to their relevant standards and specifications.

 Addtionally, MG Engineering also has coded alumimum welders & equipment to facilitate for a range of alumimum welding projects. 

Standards include:

  • AS1554 (All Part)
  • AS4100
  • AS5131



 As part of our in-house processing assets MG Engineering has both a 600T Break Press & Plate Roller. WIth the ability to provide forming works for a range of industries as well as to be utilised in-house for a range of of projects, including, tanks, chutes, exotic ductworks, mining tippers, square to rounds, cones, etc.

600T Break Press

  • Load Capacity: 600T
  • Lenght: 6000mm
  • Radius & Dies: R1 to R100, with ability to develop custom tooling
  • Materials: Mild Steels, Stainless, Aluminiums, Bisalloys, Hardox, Boiler Plates, etc.

3000mm Plate Roller

  • Length: 3100mm
  • Diameter: 400mm to Unlimited*
  • Thickness: Up to 50mm*
  • Material: All*
    *Please contact us for project specifics.  


As a shipyard we are required to be versitile to support the construction of vessels including the requirement for welding & testing of a broad range of pressure pipe to various standards and codes.

With experienced welders on site and supporting welding procedures we are able to complete a board range of pressure piping within the following material catagories including:

  • Various Carbon Steels
  • Stainless Steels
  • Copper & Copper Nickle Piping