MG Engineering Pty Ltd manages and constructs large projects which consist largely of steel material, particularly for the Defence, Maritime (shipbuilding), Oil, Gas and Construction industries.  The type of specialised services we provide are plate fabrication, marine fabrication (shipbuilding), pipe fabrication/pressure welding, installation and mechanical fitting, modular construction, barging/delivery of modules via ocean, project management and site work.

 Management is dedicated to the philosophy of continual improvement.  To support this philosophy, MG Engineering has developed and implemented an Integrated Management System which complies with the quality management system requirements of ISO 9001:2015, the safety management system requirements of ISO 45001:2018, and the Environmental Management Systems requirements of ISO 14001:2015. 

 MG Engineering employs highly skilled, qualified staff operating with modern and efficient plant and equipment, and ensures they have adequate resources to work effectively and fully understand the requirements of the Integrated Management System.  Moreover, all sub-contractors are selected on their ability to complete their tasks effectively, on time and within budget. This is assured through management’s ‘hands-on’ approach to on-site management.

 MG Engineering will:

  • Commit to producing and supplying quality products and services that meet our customers’ requirements and budgets. Strongly based on customer needs, our solutions ensure the quality of a project is maintained from beginning to completion to achieve high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Commit to compliance with legislative WHS requirements, Environmental legislation and regulations, codes of conduct, respective industry standards and applicable customer requirements
  • Establish measurable objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement is achieved Quality, Environmental and Safety objectives.
  • Identify safety hazards, risk assess them and implement controls for operational processes, equipment and temporary site work
  • Provide relevant WHS information, instruction, training and supervision to management, employees, sub-contractors and visitors as is necessary to ensure their safety
  • Consult, Educate, train and provide sufficient resources, including identifying clear roles, responsibilities and authorities, to our employees, as well as where appropriate, to sub-contractors and visitors, so that all relevant parties understand WHS issues, environmental issues and the environmental effects of their activities
  • Provide support and resources to managers, supervisors and employees to help them fulfil their legal WHS duties and hold them accountable for fulfilling them.
  • Ensure, wherever feasible, the efficient use of resources such as water, gas and electricity, limiting and recycling waste
  • Monitor, through operational and management review meetings, and systematic auditing, the continual improvement of our environmental performance towards established objectives

Management fully endorse this HSEQ Policy and the Integrated Management System that has been implemented.  It is the responsibility of all employees to ensure it is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within the Company.

Policy approved in Management Manual (MM 1.1)



MG Engineering is committed to providing a safe, healthy and productive workplace with requirements under the OHS & Welfare Act 1986. All employees of MG Engineering have a responsibility under the Act to ensure they take reasonable care to protect their own health and the health of others whilst in the workplace, by not being affected by alcohol or drugs that it affects their or another employee work performance or safety.


MG Engineering will provide support to employees who wish to address alcohol and or drug related issues which are affecting them or others.

Outline the responsibilities of Supervisors/Managers and employees.

Specify emergency and security procedures to be followed in the event of an alcohol or a drug related injury.

MG Engineering will provide guidance and training to staff members on how to approach an employee if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Under section 19 of the Act MG Engineering will be responsible for ensuring all employees and staff are aware of the Alcohol and Drug Policy and implement procedures.  MG Engineering have an obligation under the OHS Act to ensure the health safety and welfare of all its employees.

Under section 28 of the Act all employees have a duty of care to report anything they see to management relating to alcohol and drugs.

A random alcohol and drug test will be performed at the work site to ensure all employees are free from any alcohol or drugs in their system.

Application of Policy

This policy is applicable not only to immediate employees of MG Engineering but also made available to any contractors or visitors on or required to work off site.


MG Engineering will consult with the Managers and employees and cooperate on any issue in which arises from alcohol and drugs. This policy will be reviewed every year.

Policy approved in Management Manual (MM 1.1)